Are you ready to make music with the ease of an instrument that allows you to sing?  

We are the key to finding an instrument to provide you the joy of music performance. Contact us by our online form. We will respond as quickly as possible.   Thank you for supporting musicians through your purchase.  We will continue to enchant the world through sight, sound in motion.

Thank you for buying an instrument from

We ship USPS, FedEx or UPS.  We charge for packaging/shipping/insurance per instrument.

  • This reasonable fee allows a week of "rent" to test the instrument since it will be out of our inventory during that time.
  • The complete cost of shipping is based on your location, insurance, packaging, weight.
  • We will inform you after the instrument ships if it costs less / more.

If you choose to keep the instrument, you can pay for the instrument with credit card or check.
If you don't want the instrument, send it back insured for the full amount within 7 days of receipt.  

Trying an instrument: You may try an instrument for up to 5 days from the time the instrument arrives in your location.  This testing time may vary depending on the time of year and the amount of people on the waiting list.  Please follow these instructions very carefully when trying a new or used instrument:  

Assemble the instrument with care!  Hold down the Bb bell key with your right hand thumb to raise the lever so that it won’t hit the middle joint and bend.  Move to the middle joint and grasp also with your right hand over the area under the three sets of keys on the right.  The upper joint is to be held in the left-hand with your palm up while you gently push the two parts together.  Don’t wiggle the pieces around too much or the keys will bend.  Bending the connecting rods between the oboe parts may make it unplayable.

Make sure the instrument is warm before playing.  Place the top joint under your armpit to warm the wood and prevent cracking.  Please don’t blow into the instrument to warm it.  You do not need to warm up plastic instruments in the same way.  Just warm up the instrument/keys in your hands – especially during the winter months.

Wooden Instruments: Play for no more than 20 minutes a day.  This break in procedure also helps to prevent cracking of woodwinds that may not have been played for a while.

Be sure to swab the instrument out a few times during play and before putting it in its case.  Don’t pull a swab the whole way through your instrument.
IT MAY GET STUCK!  Leave a few inches sticking out of the bell to pull the swab out the same way you sent it in.  You can use a feather rather than a swab for best results.

Purchasing an Instrument 
- Let us know as soon as you decide to BUY the instrument. This can be done before the date shown above. You may pay by check, money order or credit card (Paypal). We update the website regularly so others know the status of instruments. If you decide NOT to buy the instrument, it must be returned it in the same condition or you will be charged for necessary repairs.

You are responsible for paying the return shipping and insurance.  Insure the instrument for the price listed on our website.  It is very important that you return the instrument promptly. We often have people waiting to try/buy the same instrument if it becomes available again. 

Return to: — call 1-800-497-7574 for our address.

Please note: is not able to offer a warranty on used instruments.  Since instruments are tried before purchasing, we cannot give refunds for them after the sale is finished.